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Melodica, also known as the ‘blow-organ’ or ‘key-flute’ is a similar instrument to the very popular harmonica. The Melodica is played by blowing through the mouthpiece on the side or the extended flexible tube and pressing the keys on the keyboard to produce the note you want. This Promotional Melodica sounds and looks great with a full color 14” x 3.5” imprint.


These super fun melodicas are imprinted in the U.S using high quality eco-solvent inks.


Melodica Specifications


  • 32 Keys
  • Multi Reed Plates
  • Mouthpiece
  • Flex Tube


$99.00 Regular Price
$71.28Sale Price
  • Once your order is submitted and completed, you will be sent instructions and templates for the items you purchased. If you need design assistance we are more than happy to help out. Contact information will be included within your receipt of purchase email.

  • Images shown are for illustration purpose only, Brand O' Promos has no affiliation to make any sample products available for purchase.

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